About Bahceturk

Bahceturk is an agriculture company which aims to supply most optimal quality growing medium products to ornemental plant production sector in a most efficient and cost minimizing way. We aware that just one missing day and a little problem on growing medium may cause to lost all production season. In this manner, We add value to our customers product with the principles that are strong stock level, rapid shipment, product for need and maximum product security

Bahceturk is a part of GLS Group of Companies which started its operations while producing domestic peat in Bolu Yenicaga district in 1997. Our company provides plants a growing medium they deserve thanks to Maxpeat and GLS Peat Plus sphagnum peat brands and also by Maxicoir Cocopeat, perlite, volcanic stone, pumice, leonardid, vermiculite and Organamax Growing Medium Improvers.

We continue to serve to Turkish Agriculture on our headquarter located in İstanbul Asian Side We alspo continue to develope new products and business models by focusing the problems of ornemental plant producers through our field teams.

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